Why Dylan Farrow’s missives make me think she’s a liar. Part 2 (People Mag)

So in part 1, I discussed my resentment of Dylan’s demand that I blindly believe her, get involved in all her crazy business, and feel bad for liking some Woody Allen films – I think I’m off the hook for enjoying ‘Without Feathers‘ since she didn’t say anything about his writing.

Overall, the open letter made me think that Dylan is either a bad writer, a substance abuser, personality disordered or some combo of the those 3 AND Mia managed to get in the final edit of that letter. I was not committed yet to the idea that Dylan was simply lying.

Of course, that’s not the end of the story. Dylan’s brother, Moses chimed in and defended his adopted father, Allen, to People magazine. Presumably, the NYT wanted to wash their hands of the whole filthy matter even though they started it; it was left to the bottom feeders, People and Hollywood Reporter, to pick up the rest of it.

In that article, Moses recounted Mia’s frightening and violent rages which the children were strongly motivated to avoid by pleasing her and the “atmosphere of fear and hate towards Allen” enforced by Mia in the home after she found the Soon-Yi pics. Of all the parties here who issued statements, I found Moses  the most credible, for whatever that’s worth. I have very little to base that opinion on, admittedly.  On the one hand, Moses is a marriage and family therapist (I verified his license online), probably has the least to gain/most to lose by stepping forward, and has said nothing that made me question him (meaning there is nothing in the published courts’ decisions that directly contradicted Moses). On the other hand, Moses spoke to People which is a disgraceful rag.

It should be remembered that 15 year old Moses wrote a letter to Judge Wilk which was read in court by Mia’s lawyer back in March 1993 – which proves there is no such thing as ‘rules of evidence’ in Family Court. Here are some quotes from that letter reported by the NYT:

“You have done a horrible, unforgivable, needy, ugly, stupid thing.”

“I hope you get so humiliated you commit suicide.”

“Mom is a great mother and she always finds the time and patience to play with us. All you did is spoil the little ones, Dylan and Satchel.”

“Everyone knows not to have an affair with your son’s sister, including that sister, but you have a special way to get that sister to think that that is O.K.”

“You probably think that Mom is telling me to say these things, like before”

That’s quite the 180 by Moses. Hey reader, do you think a 15 year old boy would sit down and write a letter like that to the Judge in his parents custody battle? Do you think it’s OK to coerce your kid into writing something like that for the world to hear? I sure as hell don’t and that is clearly what Mia did. Mia used her army of children as pawns then, and she continues to do so. I do not see how this can be denied, but if anyone has a well reasoned argument showing I am wrong on this point, please post a comment.

Here’s a 1992 article with the Farrow kids trashing Woody while St. Mia stays above the fray. In my opinion, it’s trashy to permit your minor children speak to the press like this while you stay silent, but you know what they say about opinions.

This is really all about Dylan – right, Dylan? – let’s get back to what she has to say. I am going to cut to the chase here. This is what she had to say about Moses,

“He has betrayed me in the cruelest way imaginable, and betrayed my family and my mother who has loved him since day one. His betrayal is the lowest form of evil that I could ever imagine.”

THAT is the statement that made my eyes go all squinty and my scalp go all itchy and my brain ache from all the cognitive dissonance. That was the point at which I could no longer grant the benefit of my doubt to Dylan. My spidey senses were saying Dylan was and is straight-up, consciously lying; she was not brainwashed, she was not the victim of false memory implantation and she was not molested by Woody Allen. She is a dishonest and vindictive person who will say anything to get what she wants especially if what she wants is to hurt people. Apparently, in Dylan’s twisted mind, expressing disbelief is more cruel and more evil than molestation. Does Dylan have panic attacks and nausea at the mere mention of Moses’ name, too? Does she get in a fetal position and cut herself when ‘Then Ten Commandments‘ come on TV every year? Now Moses has become the perpetrator of the “lowest form of evil” imaginable, so move over Woody Allen, John Wayne Gacy, Adolph Hitler, Elizabeth Bathory, et. al.

Is it really possible that I am the only person who a) picked up on this and b) is really fucking bothered by it?

For the next post, my plan to tie up some of the loose ends, address some other inconsistencies and address Dylan’s last statement in my next and last post on this issue.

I also want to provide you with a list of articles/blogs that I found interesting and inspiring.

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4 Responses to Why Dylan Farrow’s missives make me think she’s a liar. Part 2 (People Mag)

  1. Jimmy says:

    Agree. And the whole thing of my brother is dead to me? Dylan seems to be obsessed with The Godfather or something. Like Farrow wasn’t a mother but a mafia don. Moses better look out for Dylan putting a horse head in his bed.

  2. Heather Milam says:

    Well considered article.

  3. Dean Lewis says:

    Agree absolutely. You’re not the only one who picked up on it. That first letter by Dylan — where we as readers were given action items — not to watch Woody Allen movies anymore and no one should work with him either — struck me as presumptious and arrogant. Andrea Peyser too — reporter for the NY Post and not a fan of Woody Allen saw it too. The more I dug on this story, the more a mountain of evidence formed on Woody Allen’s side, and against Mia Farrow. We’ve formed such evidence on a pinterest account http://www.pinterest.com/paperbacks/mia-farrow-psycho/

  4. Jickety Falpon says:

    So when do we get Part 3? I wanna read Part 3!

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